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Gem City Market

The 100 block of Salem Avenue was announced as the future home for the Market!  Omega Baptist Church, the owner of the site, is partnering to make the Market happen.  

- Read a recent article in the Dayton Daily News on the Market.


- A market survey of over 1200 people, identified sufficient demand in our area to support a new market.

      - The name, Gem City Market, was selected through online voting. 

- An exciting goal of the Market is to hire area residents, and employees will be encouraged to become co-owners of the Market!

- The Market plans to offer 70% conventional grocery items and 30% organic and specialty products.  The Market plans to sell beer and wine to improve finances.  

- The store will have affordable “kitchen staples” as well as fresh produce, meats, coffee, dairy and other quality items to satisfy residents in our area.

Hundreds of Supporters Attended Community Events
- Informational meetings, a fund-raiser, and other meetings continue, to help the Market establish its Mission and sell shares for supporters in the community.

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