Gem City Market Annual Meeting April 25, 2018

Lower Salem Avenue is the future home for the Gem City Market, Dayton's new Co-op Grocery!    

Plan to attend the April 25th Annual Meeting - see the FB page for more information.

Buy a Membership Share, and sign up to stay informed.
        - Sign up for updates and buy a membership at, and "Like" the Market's Facebook page.

        - Attend the Feb. 1st Community Meeting for the Gem City Market, to learn the latest and to get more involved.

Read about the Gem City Market in the news:  5 Things to Know, and major donations from Premier Health and CareSource Foundation.


- A market survey of over 1200 people, identified sufficient demand in our area to support a new market.

      - The name, Gem City Market, was selected through online voting. 

- An exciting goal of the Market is to hire area residents, and employees will be encouraged to become co-owners of the Market!
- The Market plans to offer 70% conventional grocery items and 30% organic and specialty products.  The Market plans to sell beer and wine to improve finances.  

- The store will have affordable “kitchen staples” as well as fresh produce, meats, coffee, dairy and other quality items to satisfy residents in our area.

Hundreds of Supporters Attended Community Events
- You have many ways to get involved, including community meetings, fund-raisers, and selling membership shares.   The goal is to engage area residents, friends, neighbors and family.  Let's help the Gem City Market fulfill its Mission, and sell shares to residents and supporters.

The Latest

Free Health Events offered April through June 2018 at Grandview Medical Center

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Resource Guide
Contacts for Dayton Area Services

  1.     Dayton Police – 937-333-COPS                                                                                                  12.  Vicious Dog, dog bites, excessive barking – 937-225-4357
  2.     Miami Valley Crime Stoppers – 937-222-STOP                                                                 13.  Dead Animal on Public Property – 937- 333-4800
  3.     Housing Inspection – 937-333-3977, including inoperative or                                 14.  Building Permit Information – 937-333-3883

           junked vehicles on private property, structure or yard                                                  15.  Commercial Zoning Issues – 937-333-3887

           maintenance, and residential zoning                                                                                         16.  Rodent Problems – 937-333-3977
  4.     Vacant Structure Problems – 937-333-3977, including overgrown                      17.  Unlicensed / Expired Plates –- 937-225-4357

           weeds or trash, and buildings open to vandalism                                                               18.  Inoperative / Junked Vehicles – 937-333-1058                    
  5.     Vacant Lots – 937-333-4800, including weeds or trash                                                19.  Recycling – 937-333-7678
  6.     Illegal Dumping – 937-333-3977                                                                                                20.  Tire Disposal – 937-225-4860
  7.     Trash Removal and Bulk Waste Pick-up – 937-333-4800                                           21.  Neighborhood Conflict – 937-333-2345
  8.     Abandoned Vehicles – 937-333-2677                                                                                     22.  Tenant/Landlord Conflict – 888-534-1432
  9.     Vehicle in street/alley/sidewalks – 937-333-1038                                                          23.   Landmarks Office – 937-333-4271, including application for
 10.  Animal Abuse – 937-898-4457                                                                                                               Certificate of Appropriateness (COA), and questions about
 11.  Animal Control/unlicensed/loose dog – 937-898-4457                                                          exterior work/repairs in Historic Districts


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