Building on the Legacy of Peace

The Peace Corridor initiative was honored by the City of Dayton, because of our work and our proximity to the Dayton International Peace Museum:

   -- In 2011, the City renamed the Salem Avenue Bridge as the Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke Memorial Bridge.

   -- This action honors the legacy of Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke, who led international negotiations at Wright-Patterson AFB in Dayton which forged the 1995 Dayton Peace Accords and ended fighting in the Balkan countries.

Building On Our Assets

The Salem Avenue Peace Corridor area offers unique assets that provide the building blocks for comprehensive redevelopment.  Chief among these assets:

  • Largest Gateway to and from Downtown Dayton;
  • Easy access to all major transportation;
  • Unique historic housing stock and neighborhood quality of life;
  • Household incomes in the Peace Corridor remain higher than the City average;
  • Inspiring commitment from area residents, community leaders, churches and businesses;
  • A healthcare hub is anchored by Grandview Hospital and its continued investments in the area; Grandview offers award-winning care and major employment;
  • Regional cultural institutions such as the Dayton Art Institute and the Dayton Masonic Center.

Amy Kollar Anderson poses with her painting, "Marketplace of the Mind," commissioned for the new Northwest Library in Dayton.

    Action Plan

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The following plans guide the actions of the Salem Avenue Peace Corridor, LLC

Plaques at the plaza honor Ambassador Holbrooke and the Dayton Peace Accords that formed a lasting peace among the Balkan countries.

-- The inspiring work of Richard C. Holbrooke has made the name Dayton synonymous worldwide with peace.

The Future is Bright

How fitting that the Peace Corridor includes the bridge which commemorates the legacy of peace of Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke!

A host of institutions also serve as anchors for the Peace Corridor.

These include:

  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • Service organizations
  • Richard Allen and Longfellow schools
  • Dayton Police Central Offices
  • Post Office
  • Northwest Post Office

    Strategic Plan

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​The Area is Even Safer 

-- In all major categories, crimes were reduced in 2017!  

Area safety has improved in a quiet and impressive way for nearly 2 decades.

- In a small way, SAPC helped with Project Identity with the Dayton Police Department, and funded in part by a City Mini Grant in 2014.  UV markers and stickers were distributed to businesses and neighborhood associations in the area, allowing valuables to be marked for easier recovery in the unlikely event of theft. 

The Peace Corridor is leveraging the major impact of recent investments by a number of entities active in the Peace Corridor area:

  • New Northwest Library, located at Philadelphia and Hillcrest
  • Phoenix Project in the Fairview area, with the City, Good Samaritan Hospital and CityWide
  • Fairview Commons and its Water Park
  • United Theological Seminary’s DaytonView Center for Urban Ministry
  • Dayton View Triangle’s Street Tree Farm
  • The Music Lives On Memorial Park
  • Salem Crossing -- new home development along Edgewood, Holt, and Riverview
  • Reichard Buick’s major new showroom
  • Grandview Hospital Campus improvements and Gateway from I-75
  • Masonic Center’s monument project
  • Holbrooke Plaza and the Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke Memorial Bridge
  • Faith-based projects by Omega and First Baptist Churches
  • Dayton Cooks program at Grace Church
  • The Nightingale apartment building renovated by ManCo Property Services
  • 50 units of new senior housing in Crescent Crossing, under construction north of Edgewood Avenue next to Richard Allen Schools

   -- In 2015, the City dedicated a new plaza at the southwest corner of the Ambassador Richard C. Holbrooke Memorial Bridge.  The dedication ceremony included representatives from Bosnia-Herzegovina and other countries in the former Yugoslavia.

The Future is Bright 

Past and current revitalization initiatives also build on the importance and potential of the corridor.  Public and private initiatives include:

-- The HOPE VI project removed  public housing projects and created Salem Crossing, a 150-unit mixed-income residential development.

-- The Phoenix Project, an ongoing public-private initiative launched in 2000, continues to work to comprehensively redevelop the communities surrounding Good Samaritan Hospital.

-- St. Mary Development Corporation has completed several projects including the redevelopment of senior housing at Grand Place.

-- Two Rehabaramas (1999 and 2001) that rehabilitated housing in Historic Dayton View.

-- The North River Vision Plan, created in 2003, was created to guide revitalization of the Corridor from Riverview to Catalpa. Private businesses have invested and expanded in the area.

Together, these initiatives represent millions of dollars of public and private investment along the Peace Corridor.

-- And, with your help, the best is yet to come!

Median Incomes Exceed the City's 

Numbers reported below reflect 2016 income data.  These ten City Planning Districts cover nearly all of the Salem Avenue Peace Corridor area.  Median incomes in seven of the ten districts exceed the City’s median, and only one has a median income significantly lower than the City median.  Maps are found at:

​                                                                                     City of Dayton Median Income:      $28,894
Dayton View Triangle                       $41,618                                                                    Southern Dayton View                     $38,197
University Row                                      $37,563                                                                   Old Dayton View                                  $34,835
Fairview                                                     $33,183                                                                   College Hill                                              $31,496
Grafton Hill                                             $30,625                                                                    Santa Clara                                              $28,806
Five Oaks                                                 $28,672                                                                    Mount Vernon                                       $24,895

The Peace Corridor area includes a disproportionately high share of Montgomery County’s low-income and subsidized housing – yet higher median incomes for the area show that area household incomes more than offset the area’s subsidized-housing residents.