To foster an environment of peace, and safe, comfortable living.

-- Ensure area security, so neighborhoods, businesses and regional customers thrive...


  Salem Avenue Peace Corridor, LLC welcomes all peoples, and supports policies that promote peace and justice by according 

  dignity, respect, and inclusion to everyone.
      ·   We affirm the value and dignity of all people, regardless of skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or nation of origin.
      ·   As human beings, we are all one!

Quality of Life


To flourish economically, physically, and spiritually. 

-- Cultivate an environment where people, businesses and the community prosper...

Our Shared Destiny

To welcome every individual, and share our varied cultures and life experiences.

-- Enjoy and celebrate our many, diverse contributions...

Our Mission

To establish Salem Avenue and adjacent neighborhoods as a Community of Peace --

with Safety, Prosperity, and Quality of Life. 

Our Vision

Empower the Peace Corridor area to achieve a Shared Destiny of Peace,

with sustainable economic growth and opportunity, and a strong spirit of community.